Put your business challenge at the heart of a unique and transformative learning experience that creates value at speed.

Our Live Learning programme puts your business challenges at the centre of rich and collaborative learning experience, bringing key members of your team together with curated groups of creative practitioners and subject matter experts.

Value is returned back into the business at speed in the form of:

• New ideas, solutions to problems and prototypes with action plans for next steps attached to them.

• Enhanced capabilities among your team in idea generation, collaborative working, prototyping, validating, business modelling and more.

How it works:

• Having identified and defined the challenge we bring together the right mix of people from your team with external groups, practitioners and other specialists — curated to reflect their unique relevance to the challenge. Past groups have included user experience designers, psychologists, students and recent graduates, semioticians, founders, brand strategists, developers and visualisers.

• Challenges can relate to product and service innovation, new business models, brand and marketing challenges or anything in-between.

• The group works collectively on the challenge to a fixed set of deliverables, over a fixed period of time — combining structured in-person workshops with remote research and reflection in advance and in-between. From a one-day workshop, to fuller engagements reflecting ongoing projects and challenges.

• Live Learning offers a fast and energising way to unleash the collective creativity of your own team, tap into the ideas and expertise of outside specialists and super-size skills for future work challenges.


Some past Live Learning challenges:

Cubitts How can we better define our purpose as a business?
AXA How can we diversify the digital products and propositions at the heart of the AXA + platform?
Lush How can we re-think the way we merchandise in-store for a new generation of shoppers?
Adidas How can we redesign the selection process at the heart of our leadership programme to ensure a higher calibre of participants?
Red Bull How can we link into the movement for focus at work, and create credible brand experiences that support it?
Action for Children How can we identify and alleviate pain points within our supporter journey?

Joining our Learning Network

Imaginative organisations, large and small, use YCN to build capabilities throughout their teams in modern, motivating and memorable ways.

Our peer-led membership programme is a popular starting point; giving teams open and self-directed access to a weekly calendar of in-person learning, a digital learning platform and a personal relationship with our own connective central team.

Find out more about what we offer in this PDF, or by contacting Nick Defty on nd@ycn.org.