Supporting continual learning among the Live & Breathe team

This document summarises key aspects of a continued learning partnership between YCN and Live & Breathe, focussed on the priority areas we've discussed such as developing people managers, and maximising learner engagement and skills building through sessions delivered directly to the team — and with costs reduced too.

Priority areas for focussing ROI

As we've discussed — priority areas for the business when it comes to the performance and development for the remainder of 2021 will be supporting a group of 7-10 people-managers, and finding visible moments to bring as many of the team together to for engaging and relevant team learning (as we've piloted around the topic of giving and receiving feedback). Therefore at the core of a partnership for the remainder of 2021 will be two key parts:

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1. Places in our First Time Leaders programme for L&B people managers

Building on the success of our 2 L&B participants so far, we can support the development of 7-10 L&B people managers within our cross organisational development programme; with 1 or 2 of the group in coming cohorts. Cohorts launch on a monthly basis, and we could onboard L&B'ers into those coming up.


2. Team training sessions for L&B

Just as we did with the recent session on Owning Feedback we can run a series of topic specific sessions, driven by the interests and challenges of the team over the remainder of the year. Whether focussed on idea generation, strategic smarts, DEI or any other topic from our programme; these will create collective 'moments' to get the team together around with real challenges and personal development in mind. Clients and partners can be invited to join too.

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Self-directed learning for everyone at Live & Breathe

We've loved having the whole team able to access everything in our open programme. Appreciating there have been super users and non users, recognise that there is a question mark over this aspect as an investment priority. We can include ongoing, unlimited team access as a value add, as well as offering up personal development plans too.

Key coming topics in the programme of relevance to L&B'ers:

— Strategic thinking
— Creative Crafts
— Purposeful productivity


Continued access to all live courses

All current and future L&B team members could individually access our weekly programme of live, social learning — focussed on the most relevant and in-demand skills for the modern world of work, reflecting the challenges and opportunities within our community right now. Always a good way to emphasise the importance of personal development and a strong benefit for new starters


Really handy digital resources

Our ever-growing libraries of expert-led videos, digital tools, eCourses, Course Packs and other ‘just-in-time’ resources complement our bitesize live courses and help people solve the challenges they’re facing right now. L&B team members can have their own individual login to the YCN platform — enabling them to access any courses and resources that catch their eye.

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Getting L&B'ers going with Personal Development Plans

L&B team members can share their development priorities (with input from their managers too) and receive back a personally proposed pathway of on-point courses and resources. A ‘mixtape for your mind’, supporting positive and purposeful conversations around performance. These have been very positively received with other partners, both with super users and as a way of kickstarting development among harder to reach groups.

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Updated L&B partnership costs

The revised costs below focus on the prioritised areas outlined above, with a big discount applied as a way of keeping the open programme access (essentially including that at no additional cost if the priority elements are committed too).

Costs breakdown

Topic specific training sessions delivered directly to some or all of the L&B team at £1500 + VAT per 90 minute session based on at leas 4 being included within partnership for remainder of 2021.

Places in our cross-organisational First Time Leaders programme at £1500 + VAT per place based on at least 7 being included in partnership for remainder of 2021.


Combined partnership offer for remainder of 2021, with significantly discounted cost and open programme access included.

10 X FTL places
4 X Topic specific team sessions
Continued individual and unlimited access to our open programme/platform for all current and future L&B team members, with personal development plans included for anyone that would like one. We can do a new kick off/refresher session too to activate all that's new with the team.

Total cost: £21,000 + VAT

Positive team testimonials!

“Super friendly, informative and interesting, I loved this session. Oliver was great, very down to earth and explained things very well.”

“Loved all the nuggets! These offer us (me and the team) different ways to approach tasks (whether it be projects, emails, conversations etc) and different ways to tackle things based on what we would like the outcome to be!”

“Very good references and explanations about diversity and challenged my thinking. I loved the Manual of me and have told HR we need this in place.”

“Loved the fact it was a smaller group, Louise was very open and engaging”

“Louise is a great presenter, engaging and had us all in the palm of her hand! the slides covered all the key points and wre easy to follow. Great pace to the session and lots of brilliant case studies / examples made the session on point.”

“Engaging, everyone fully involved, no pressure.”

“Fast paced. Covered all the key points in a short space of time.”

"Very friendly, inclusive, and mindful."

"10/10 — just what I needed."