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Membership for individuals and organisations

Individual membership costs £240 per year
Benefits include:

A kick-off session at the outset

We’ll get together over a coffee in person or on Zoom remotely — to learn more about the work you’re doing, and the things that you want to learn and do next.


Professional creative and business support

Our central team is here for you. We can help you with things like pricing, licensing, negotiation, legal questions or other creative and commercial challenges. We can connect you to experts and collaborators. And if you need it we can provide production support to help projects run smoothly.

Your work promoted in our channels

We’ll share what you’re doing in print and online; promoting it to new audiences of clients and collaborators.


Invitations to events

We bring groups of members together to learn more about topics of common interest. You can come to at least four such gatherings over the course of the year.

Join Zoom groups online

Get together with like-minded members from the comfort of your own chair. Learn from subject experts, join discussions and share your experiences. We’ll let you know what’s coming up, what we’re discussing and you can let us know if you’re free to dial in.


Login to our digital learning platform Can

Can is where you can discover an always growing world of curated resources, recommended reading, listening and viewing — all rooted in the things our members tell us they want to learn more about, and what they’ve shared.

Copies of our members’ magazine and access to our Library.

We’ll post you copies of You Can Now Magazine, and you’re always welcome to borrow books from our members’ Lending Library.


But only good ones.


Want to become our newest member?
Membership costs £240 per year

Membership is curated, to ensure balance and mutual value, with new members welcomed monthly. If you’d like to join please begin by telling us a little bit about your work, projects, business and which aspects of membership feel the most valuable to you. A member of our team will then drop a line back to pick up the conversation, and answer any questions to may have too.

Hear our members describe membership
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    We begin by sitting down

    Membership kicks off with a confidential conversation to establish understandings around business capabilities, new business goals and objectives for the year ahead.

  • Agency-02
    Business support

    We help our Members to sharpen their propositions, benchmark fees, tackle legal challenges and use us a sounding board for any aspect of their business.

  • Agency-03
    Supporting growth

    Having understood our Members’ unique capabilities and objectives, we proactively help them to connect with relevant new clients and partners.

  • Agency-04
    Presence in our channels

    We create profile for our Members’ work and thinking — from socialising new projects digitally and in print, to creating speaking opportunities at Member Events.

  • Agency-05
    Stimulating teams

    Our Members’ teams can enjoy rich digital and print resources, and access our ever growing network of creative talent.

  • Agency-06
    Member Events

    Our thriving events programme gives our Members’ teams the chance to learn new things among like-minds — both at YCN and further afield.

  • Agency-07

    And our central team is here to help yours

    Relationships with our Members are personable and ongoing. Our own close-knit team is always here to support, make suggestions and connections — whether that’s helping to source talent or recommending a book from our Lending Library.

See what our Members say about Membership

In the short film below different kinds of agencies describe the different ways we work together, and the value we create for their businesses


Finding out more and applying for Membership

To find out more about Membership benefits, and the application process for agencies — please email Nick Defty at YCN or call +44 (0)20 7033 2140.

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    We begin by sitting down

    We spend time in person at the outset of Membership to capture marketing goals and key creative areas of focus within Members’ businesses.

  • Brand-02
    Our focus is tailored

    Members’ interests range from retail theatre to sampling effectiveness; best practice data visualisation to African audience insights. Our central team researches in relation to them daily.

  • Brand-03
    Sharing learnings

    Having captured the unique interests and challenges of our Members, we play back relevant learnings throughout the year in three complementary ways — digitally, in print and in person.

  • Brand-04
    Digital digests

    Members receive weekly ideas, insights and inspiration in their inboxes, personally curated around topics of focus which can evolve over time.

  • Brand-05
    Great post

    We share relevant physical stimulation with Members; from new books and periodicals to innovative new formats and finishing. A tailored and tactile complement to digital dialogue.

  • Brand-06
    In person sessions

    We spend time with our Members’ teams over the year — airing ideas, and capturing opportunities in interesting places. And we enlist interesting guests to share their expertise.

  • Brand-07
    Memorable events

    Our thriving events programme gives our Members the opportunity to learn new things among like-minds — from a Breakfast Briefing on the future of retail to an evening tour of Quentin Blakes library.

  • Brand-08
    Member Mentoring

    We connect interested Members, from Company Directors to their Junior colleagues, with relevant mentors for personable learning and informal knowledge shares.

  • Brand-10
    Recommending partners

    We help Members to connect with the best possible people and agencies for all kinds of scope and requirement — refining briefs, saving time and ensuring fit and value.

  • Brand-09

    Our central team is an extension to yours

    Our close-knit team of researchers and producers support our Members daily — responding to their research requests and facilitating connections to potential partners, talent and other Members.

See what our Members say about Membership

In the short film below different brands, from Arsenal Football Club to the NSPCC describe the different ways we work together and support their teams.


Finding out more and applying for Membership

To find out more about Membership benefits, and the application process for brands — please email Nick Defty at YCN or call +44 (0)20 7033 2140.