Navigating Transition

Participate in a six-week, social learning programme designed to empower anyone who feels they need some new tools, support and space to build the personal resilience for navigating the challenges that come with change and transition.

Programme aims:

Connected, confident people

Creating a brave space, away from work, to share challenges and opportunities with a supportive group of peers from different organisations.

Resourced for resilience

Develop a personal toolkit of practices, ideas and activities to support self-reflection, self-regulation and resilience in the workplace and beyond.

Sustainably minded

Design a sustainable rhythm and approach to work away from stress and struggle, towards calm and control.

How the programme is delivered


A series of social models

Centering on the themes of Reflect, Restore and Reset, the programme is delivered in three modules over the course of six weeks. You'll work with the same group, and coach-facilitators throughout.

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Offline exercises

A digital learning pack will be delivered ahead of group sessions, with recorded practices, resources to explore and reflection exercises to work through individually.


Live group coaching sessions

Led by Katy and Ella, everyone in the cohort comes together fortnightly for ninety minutes on Zoom, once per module. You'll share your perspectives, and support others as they share theirs.