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Many thanks for taking part in our NeuroAware programme — opening conversation and closing knowledge-gaps about neurodiversity, and inspiring proactive steps towards greater neuroinclusion in the modern world of work. Here you'll find helpful links to relevant digital resources, reflection questions and other bright ideas.

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In your course pack you'll find all the resources mentioned in the live session, alongside the session slides themselves and lots more enlightening bits besides.

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If you've taken part in a live Neuroaware session and would like to receive a certification of completion and a bold, conversation-commencing laptop sticker, you'll can complete this two part reflection and activity.

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Help us drive neuroinclusion

If you've enjoyed the experience of exploring neurodiversity with us, please feel free to share details of our NeuroAware programme with peers and friends at like-minded organisations. We're on a mission towards greater neuroinclusion in all kinds of organisations, and your support and participation is much appreciated.