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Neurodiversity awareness training for managers and teams

NeuroAware is a new D&I training programme, focussed on positively increasing practical understanding of neurodiversity at work among an inclusive community of managers and teams. Delivered remotely through social sessions and self-directed resources, the programme is designed in partnership with subject experts including Dr. Anne Cockayne, who recently completed a PHD on the experiences of people-managers working with autistic team members.

Programme aims:

Informed, inclusive teams
Informed, inclusive teams

The programme helps teams understand the concept of neurodiversity; and the simple adjustments we can all make to support current and future neurodivergent colleagues and customers.

Empowered managers
Empowered managers

You'll equip your people-managers with practical legal and behavioural knowledge to support future conversations around disclosure and adjustments. And the neuro-inclusive communication skills they learn and practice will ultimately benefit everyone.

Proactive conversations
Proactive conversations

We're helping our partners to meet the appetite for positive, proactive and purposeful conversations around diversity and inclusion at work today — and getting everyone focussed on everyone's strengths.

How the programme is delivered


1. An 'all-in' session for teams

An interactive, inclusive 60-minute session for everyone in the team that’s keen to join. Led by Dr. Anne Cockayne (top left) and a YCN facilitator; we build core awareness around neurodiversity at work, specific neurodivergent conditions such as autism, ADHD, dyslexia and dyspraxia and ways we can all be more neuroinclusive.

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2. A follow on session for managers

Managers take part in a separate 90-minute workshop, focussed on neuroinclusive behaviours, and real-world case studies to build confidence around the Equalities Act, disclosure and workplace adjustments. This session can be delivered to your managers collectively, or accessed individually among peers in our open programme.


3. A self-directed eCourse

Managers also complete a short, online, video-led course and brief workplace assignment, to achieve their CPD accreditation and programme certificate. And they're welcomed into our community of NeuroAware managers and organisations, sharing helpful stories of successful adjustments and neuroinclusion to inspire and support each other.


Expert views and lived experiences

In the example films below, programme partner Dr. Anne Cockayne sets out some thinking around neurodiversity at work, while digital product studio ustwo founder Matt Miller aka Mills describes his relationship with ADHD, what it's meant for his working relationships and the transformative power of different thinking styles.

Dr. Anne Cockayne describing the opportunity for neuroinclusion within teams, and the customer experience.

Mills describing ADHD, teams and the future of work

New to neurodiversity?

Take ten-minutes to build some understanding

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Neurodiversity: Knowledge Check

This 10-minute-tool is intended to raise awareness, inspire curiosity and further conversation around the topic of Neurodiversity, and should be helpful and enlightening irrespective of your starting point. Alongside some questions and reflections you'll find inspiring and thought provoking resources to explore at your own pace.

Become a NeuroAware organisation
Become a NeuroAware organisation

Drop us a line to bring the NeuroAware programme to your organisation, empowering your managers and teams and positively furthering your diversity, equity and inclusion agenda. Call us on +44 (0)20 7033 2140 or email