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Neuroinclusive Leadership
Thinking proactively about thinking differently

Let's design work around diverse strengths

Launched for leaders as part of our wider NeuroAware programme, we bring together cohorts of business, HR and people leaders keen to own the opportunity for greater neuroinclusion within their teams.

With an emphasis on evidence-backed research and live cultural scenarios, we collectively codify opportunities to better attract, support and retain neurodivergent talent within creative, growing teams — and define individual action plans for change.

Accessing this programme

Join cross-organisational cohorts

You can access the programme among peers from other growing, creatively- minded organisations. June virtual cohort dates: 15/6, 4/7, 25/7 — all 10am-12pm UK time.

Delivered directly to your team

We'll deliver the programme in-person, virtually or hybrid to single or multiple cohorts of your managers and leaders — adapting the content to your cultural cues.

Bulb Crew

Inclusive, collaborative and cohort based learning

For business and HR leaders keen to:

• Open conversation and close knowledge-gaps
• Build a more neuroinclusive culture
• Learn from live workplace scenarios
• Better understand disclosure
• Conduct neuroinclusive interviews
• Attract, support and retain neurodivergent talent
• Create an experimental action plan for neuroinclusion

Your subject matter expert throughout
Your subject matter expert throughout

The programme has been developed in partnership with HR and neurodiversity specialist Dr. Anne Cockayne, who leads each live workshop alongside a You Can Now facilitator. Anne advises organisations globally on their neuroinclusion strategies, is affiliated with Nottingham Business School and completed a PHD on the experiences of people-managers working with autistic team members.


Practical learning, first-person perspectives

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Neurodivergent perspectives

In the short film shared below, Senior Social Researcher at the Department for Transport Lexi Keegan, and Anne, discuss the challenges and opportunities that come with being neurodivergent at work — both as a manager and team member — the power of strengths-based approaches and how different approaches to disclosure around neurodivergence can drive intentional inclusion. Anne and Lexi are also mother and daughter.

Real-world scenarios are examined throughout the programme

Programme structure

Complementary modules, with workshops at their heart


Three actionable modules to explore

Over eight weeks you'll work through three core, complementary modules blending practical and experiential group workshops with experimentation and self-directed learning between them. Fundamental to the approach of the programme is the application of what’s covered immediately to live relationships; with tools, templates and reflection aids provided throughout.

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Sequenced, social and experimental sessions

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Intentional Neuroinclusion

Examining what neuroinclusive organisations look and feel like, we codify the behaviours of neuroinclusive leaders and managers — arming ourselves with tools and talking points to test, back in our own teams.

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Attracting and Retaining Neurodivergent Talent

We'll review and reflect on our own current approaches, systems and cultural tendencies; identifying immediate opportunities for optimisation and committing to small 'test and learn' changes off the back of the module.

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The Neurodivergent Leader

As neurodivergent colleagues are recruited or promoted into managerial positions, we'll explore what this means when it comes to disclosure, mutually meaningful adustjments and other cultural considerations.

Drop us a line
Drop us a line

Blending energising live workshops with self-directed experimentation — we deliver this programme to cross-organisational cohorts and directly into groups from our partners' teams too. To find out more, to join coming cohorts or discuss bringing the programme into your team — call +44 (0)20 7033 2140 or email