Marylou's illustration style uses striking silhouettes and forms to create charismatic characters, while her work with type is bold and lively.

Currently based in London, the French illustrator has been kept busy by a range of clients, including The Debrief and Ohh Deer

In response to a recent editorial commission, Marylou created an image that explores the merits of an open relationship, conveying the possibilities of a polygamous relationship.

She was also approached by the London Transport Museum to illustrate a campaign aimed at educating children on the etiquette for using the London Underground — putting particular emphasis on safety. Marylou's instructional images are eye-catching and informative, conveying their messages in a fun and simple way.

Marylou Faure for the London Transport Museum

Marylou Faure for London Transport Museum

She has also illustated a rock-themed recipe book by Lachlan Hayman, fantastically titled Killing me Souffle. Replete with wordplay, the book blends power ballads and food, featuring recipes such as "Livin' on a Pear" and "Eye of the Tikka." Her accompanying illustrations match the tongue-in-cheek tone of the book, bringing to life the punning title of each recipe.

Marylou Faure for 'Killing Me Souffle'

Marylou Faure for The Debrief

Marylou Faure for The Debrief

Marylou Faure for The Debrief

Marylou Faure for The Debrief


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