Member Agency Human After All has worked with BAFTA, partnering with Levente Szabó to create silhouette-style illustrations for its 2016 Film Awards campaign.

Each year the agency collaborates with with a different creative – working with graphic design studio La Boca 2014 for the TV Awards campaign, and French illustrator Malika Favre in 2015 on the Film Awards – to help maintain a "fresh perspective" on the work.

"We keep things interesting by putting a lot of focus into the initial stages of the project – forming the creative routes and discussing the realms of what's possible with the client," says the agency's Paul Willoughby. "Each year has brought its unique challenges. Sometimes it takes some healthy debate to get the best out of the work for all sides."

Human After All for BAFTA

"Conceptual rigour matters to us, so we have to question the work from many viewpoints in order to find the right solution and be satisfied," he adds.

Human After All for BAFTA

This year's campaign was based around the idea of dreams, and features illustrated brochure covers created by Hungarian designer Levente Szabó, who was chosen by BAFTA from a potential line-up of three illustrators.

Human After All for BAFTA

Levente's images take motifs from each of the five movies nominated for Best Film and turn them into image-filled silhouettes. The bleak wilderness of The Revenant is captured inside the shape of a snarling bear, while the profile of Cate Blanchett as Carol is shown inside the outline of a girl holding a camera.

Human After All for BAFTA

"We wanted to use iconic filmic silhouettes as storytelling devices that frame illuminating narratives within," comments Paul. "We looked for the pivotal icons in each film and used them as portals to the rich, interweaving stories that play out in the films." Levente's illustrations also appear on tickets for the event, which include die-cut BAFTA masks, and gold-foiled birds.

Human After All for BAFTA

However, although the briefs for each year may shift slightly – 2015 was based around the idea of The Big Reveal – Paul explains that the organisation's base requirements stay the same. "BAFTA needs a campaign that captures the timeless glamour and huge anticipation of the awards, but also a campaign that stays true to brand values, colour palettes and conceptual tone," he says.

Human After All for BAFTA

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