A new exhibition opened in Düsseldorf this week, showcasing photo collections and other works from Erik Kessels and five of his artist friends.

A new exhibition at NRW-Forum Düsseldorf is a comprehensive retrospective of findings from Erik Kessels, passionate photo collector and KesselsKramer co-founder.

Erik Kessels & Friends opened this week and will run until November. Finding joy in the imperfect and incomplete—an overexposed photograph or a finger over the lens—Erik’s material is recognised by its communicating of the intimate, humorous and human.

Projects of Erik’s include 24hrs In Photos, where he created a mountain out of photographs all taken in a single day, and Strangers in my Photoalbum, themed around the strangers who appear in the background of photos.

Along with previous work from Erik, the exhibition will also showcase contributions from five other artists and friends of his, Paul Kooiker, Joan Fontcuberta, Peter Piller, Joachim Schmid and Ruth van Beek.

More information about the exhibition in Düsseldorf can be found here

Erik Kessels & Friends

Erik Kessels & Friends

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