Beyond Words created a stunning, immersive visualisation for the 2017 Neglected Tropical Diseases Summit.

This year marked the fifth anniversary of the World Health Organization’s roadmap committing resources and support for eliminating neglected tropical diseases. In celebration of this milestone, a Neglected Tropical Diseases Summit was held in Geneva earlier this year. Hosted by the WHO, Uniting to Combat NTDs and the NTD community, this acknowledged their achievements so far and discussed plans for the future.

Member Agency Beyond Words created a room-sized cinematic visualisation—the studio's biggest visualisation to date—in support of the NTD Summit. Enlisting the help of Territory Studio to translate its vision from the small screen to the big screen, the stunning display, entitled Cascade, was projected across a three-panelled widescreen spanning 30 metres.

This unique canvas provided the audience with a mesmerising, immersive experience, through which Beyond Words aimed to tell the story of the organisations' work in an emotionally affecting way. Cascade features dissolving, shape-shifting visuals reminiscent of flowing water, with the soundtrack an original composition inspired by Hans Zimmer’s work on Interstellar

Beyond Words for the Neglected Tropical Diseases Summit

Beyond Words for the Neglected Tropical Diseases Summit

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