Three Australian alcoholic drink brands are among Co Partnership's recent clients, with new identities crafted for each.

Recent work from Co Partnership has seen the team apply branding, packaging and logo design to create and refresh the identities of three different alcoholic drink brands.

Tasked with creating a branding solution that kept the regeneration of the Australian rainforest at its heart, Co Partnership designed classic and clean packaging for new brand Brookie’s Gin. Capturing the story behind the gin’s distillation, which uses native rainforest botanicals, the agency developed a foliage-inspired letter 'B' logo. The copper set against dark green represents the gin still sitting at the heart of the rainforest, whilst the label itself is made from recycled sugarcane.

Briefed with updating the packaging and building meaning into cold press coffee liqueur brand Mr Black, Co Partnership created a positioning based around “spiritual awakening”. The agency devised a new logo, a coffee bean eye alluding to an idea of worship, and an illustrated bottle designed with the Young Jerks. The redesign has helped Mr Black build a more memorable brand for its growing customer base.

Co Partnership also worked with Samuel Wynn & Co, a new wine brand aiming to engage young male drinkers who typically choose beer over wine. Addressing this target audience across the branding, Co Partnership drew from the life of Samuel Wynn himself, turning each wine label into a mini poster to bring the brand's story to life in a cinematic way. With chunky typography and a custom bottle, the new branding is memorable and dramatic, inspired by the language of craft beer.

Co Partnership for Brookie's Gin

Co Partnership for Mr Black

Co Partnership for Mr Black

Co Partnership for Samuel Wynn & Co

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