Scriberia’s new book 'How to Draw Anything' helps readers harness the natural skill of visual communication.

As children, we knew instinctively that drawing was a great way to communicate. But somewhere later in life, many of us learnt to value it as a lesser tool to writing, instead leaving it to those with seemingly specialist artistic talent.

Yet drawing is an incredibly practical way of turning what’s inside your head into something tangible and useful, equipping you with means to solve problems, share ideas, and tell stories.

How to Draw Anything — a new book by visualisation maestros Scriberia — sets out to repair our broken relationship with drawing, giving you back your confidence, and taking drawing out of an exclusively art sphere. Giving you all the necessary tools to draw anything and everything, the book will help you discover how drawing can give your thoughts clarity, trigger memories, and find solutions.

How to Draw Anything by Scriberia

How to Draw Anything by Scriberia

How to Draw Anything by Scriberia

The book shares practical tips, such as how to draw people as simply and dynamically as possible, and also build character without perfect anatomical accuracy. You'll learn how to build a scene, and use simple graphic devices such as creating movement with short lines. As the book says, good drawing doesn't have to be a work of art, just art that works. 

How to Draw Anything by Scriberia

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