We're currently recruiting for two positions; a full time Community Manager in London, and and a part time programme manager in New York.

Below are details of some roles we're currently recruiting for. We'd love to hear from you, and please feel free to share too.

Community Manager, Full Time

We’ve an immediate opportunity for someone with the right energy and experience to join our central team, help us to better listen to and learn from our community — and to keep turning what we’re learning into a brilliantly designed and delivered experience.

Some background

Since our beginnings in 2001 we’ve been building a community of creatively minded people and organisations around the world, and bringing them together to work and to learn with each other. The community is thriving, growing and super-engaged.

Today our members include big global brands such as adidas and Innocent, fast-growing newcomers like WeTransfer and Propercorn, global consultancies and recently formed studios, government departments and crusading charities, design maestros and rising illustrative stars. Working across all sorts of sectors, what they share are cultures and outlooks where collaboration, curiosity and an openness to learning from outside of them is welcomed.

We provide our community with access to a ongoing, in-person learning programme of talks, panels, classes, roundtables and workshops; as well as a digital learning platform called Can. And we help to connect with the best possible talent and partners for any kind of project, brief or purpose — turning learning into action.

We’re all about helping people to learn and do new things together, and so the most important thing we need to know is the things our community wants to learn and do more of.

And this is where the opportunity arises for a Community Manager. 

The Community Manager role

Key to the success of everything we do is being deeply rooted in our members learning goals and business objectives, and ensuring that the right aspects of our learning programme and, broader community, are then made visible.

Working alongside our Programme and Partnerships team, our Community Manager will help us do this better. 

Responsibilities will include:

— Meeting with new members and coming to kick-off sessions where interests and goals are captured.
— Checking in with members to ensure they’re engaged and taking advantage of all benefits.
— Building relationships with members around their interests and goals.
— Helping us to design and evolve ways of recording and tracking the membership experience.
— Sharing ideas daily for the membership experience and learning programme.

Our ideal candidate will have:

— 2+ years experience in a relevant role.
— A solid understanding of creative business and the creative industries.
— Great written and verbal communications skills.
— Confidence and background in presenting and hosting meetings.
— Excellent organisational and time management skills, and managing multiple accounts.
— Experience of dealing with founders/directors and ‘heads of’ in organisations.
— Generosity and a love for learning.

This is a brilliant opportunity with someone who loves creative business, helping people to learn and making purposeful impact to join a focussed, growing and close-knit. We’re very open to the background in which relevant experiences have been developed. 

Salary and applications

Salary + personal learning plan will reflect individual experience.
Please first send your CV and a covering letter to Nick Defty — nd@ycn.org



Programme manager New York, Part-time

An overview of YCN

Established in 2001 — YCN is an ever-growing community of people and organisations, learning from each other.

Our members include big global brands like adidas and Innocent, fast-growing newcomers like WeTransfer and Propercorn, global consultancies like Prophet and recently formed studios like Koto. Working across all kinds of industries, what they have in common are creative cultures where collaboration, curiosity and an openness to learning from outside of those industries is welcomed. We help our members to build relevant capabilities throughout their teams in rich and connected ways — strengthening their networks, directly supporting business goals and boosting employee satisfaction.

In addition to offering membership packages that give our members' teams access to events, roundtables, workshops, broader learning programmes, our digital learning platform and the support of our own central team, we also develop what we call learning partnerships. Delivered in the same creative and connective fashion as all aspects of membership, these are more bespoke learning and development engagements — designed around the specific goals of an organisation.

Membership events programme manager, New York

One of the richest, most social and popular ways we bring this to life is through our events programme. And in 2018 we plan to start programming in New York; reflecting new relationships with brands and agencies in the city. Combining panel discussions, briefings, roundtables and focussed workshops — these events will bring local groups together to share learnings around topics of common interest. You can see some current coming events here — these are all the kinds of things we'll be programming in NY.

We're looking someone who can work part time, with support from team members in London who will periodically visit too, to plan and host events locally. That might helping to curate a panel event and moderate on the night, or facilitating a round table conversation between a smaller group. We expect our ideal candidate to be doing something currently that this can neatly plug into part time.

Our ideal candidate will have:

— A passion for learning, and for helping others to learn and grow.

— Good local networks.

— Experience with planning/producing/running events in a relevant cultural context.

— A solid professional grounding in the creative industries and consumer culture.

— A lot of ideas.

— Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

— Experience presenting and moderating conversation.

— A love for enterprise.

Salary and applications

It's a part time role, and we can discuss hours and weekly commitment on a case-by-case basis. We envisage the ideal candidate being able to run this alongside something complementary. Salary and bonuses will be competitive, and related to individual circumstances. You'll have access to our learning programme, and your own personal development plan too throughout the year.

Please apply with a short covering letter and a copy of your CV to Nick Defty, nd@ycn.org