PROPERCORN has collaborated with seven different artists from around the globe for the launch of its new visual aesthetic.

To create playful and expressive content that could be extended beyond its packaging, member PROPERCORN has launched a new visual aesthetic across its award-winning popcorn collection. 

Moving on from its black and white landscape illustrations, the brand commissioned seven artists from around the globe to each create a new packaging identity that celebrates the individuality and craft of an allocated flavour – without compromising on PROPERCORN’s distinctive vibrant brand character.

'Sour Cream & Black Pepper' by Tom Abbiss Smith


“We wanted to breathe a new lease of life into the brand,” PROPERCORN’s Art Director, Becky Akers, told YCN. “We’re known for our vibrant colours and popcorn pattern, but our illustrations were more recessive.”


Artists including painter and surface designer, Kim Sielbeck, as well as PROPERCORN’s very own creative, Nathan Joyce, were therefore invited to add their own splash of personality and style to the packaging, and create an illustrative world that would provide the brand with multiple assets – “making every touchpoint as rich in detail and taste as the packs themselves”. 


'Peanut Butter & Almond' by London-based illustrator, Billy Clark


When it came to championing seven diverse artists rather than commissioning one, or simply keeping it an in-house project, Becky added that “We’ve been passionate about supporting the arts since day one and our packs are an incredible platform on which to showcase this. That’s why we’ve proudly hero-ed each artist on the front and back of our packaging. It’s been a massive labour of love to get here – so we won’t be letting all this incredible talent escape that easily!”


As well as updating the on-pack illustrations, PROPERCORN set out to make more of an umbrella brand of ‘PROPER’ – freeing up the device to stamp on things that it perceives to have been “done properly”. With that, it has revealed a refreshed logo and cleaner, sans serif typeface for the flavour names. 


Kelly Anna's design for the 'Sweet and Salty' edition in progress


The creation of this new visual aesthetic of PROPERCORN’s famous flavours was not, however, a straightforward process. Becky added that the key lesson she took away from the project was to “follow their gut and intuition”, and that the final result would not have come as it is without the team pushing themselves and the limits of the brand at the start of the process. “But for us, it was all about trying, testing and evolving whilst staying true to the things that makes us PROPERCORN: our vibrant colour palette, the little things like Ryan (our co-founder’s) name being etched into the Lightly Sea Salted boat, and the craft poured into each and every style of illustration.”


'Perfectly Sweet' by Mexican illustrator, Elena Boils

'Sweet and Salty' by South London-based artist and print designer, Kelly Anna

'Sweet Coconut & Vanilla' by U.S. illustrator, painter and surface designer, Kim Sielbeck

'Lightly Sea Salted' by Finnish born and Barcelona-based illustrator, Pietari Posti

Tom Abbiss Smith working on the 'Sour Cream & Black Pepper' design

'Sun-dried Tomato & Chilli' by PROPERCORN team member, Nathan Joyce

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