We're delighted to reveal details of those Commended as part of the most recent YCN Student Awards...

We're delighted to unveil all those Commended as part of 17/18 YCN Student Awards. All Commended Entrants are listed, in no particular order, below. Remember, there is no hierarchy of winners in the YCN Student Awards — a Commendation means you've won.

A huge thanks once again to all those who took the time  — we can't wait to meet you at this year's Autumn Awards Ceremony.

A massive thanks to all students who took the time to create and submit work!




Jerome Ley, Weronika Prasek & Jon William Capistrano, University of South Wales

Krishan Kumar, University of the Arts London: Chelsea College of Arts

Curtis Reeve, Bedford College

Kit Lawson, Edinburgh College

Lucy Dewar, University of Dundee

Emily McCarthy, Nottingham Trent University

Brenda Christie Muliawan & Galuh Indri Wiyarti, Leeds Arts University

Thea Koutas, Leeds Arts University


Izzie Rodgers & Jonny Cobb, University of Lincoln

Heather Graham, Gray's School of Art

Megan Maenmuang, University of the Arts London: Chelsea College of Art


Jay Larano, Bedford College

Poppy Andruskevicius, Falmouth University

Stephanie Mitchell, Samuel Howard & Brad Houston, University of Lincoln

Ciara McLaughlin, Ulster University

Iain Waugh, Edinburgh College

Prasiddha Thiyagarajan & Michael Ching, Miami Ad School

Sophie Stevens, University of Salford

Taylar Wong, University of Northampton

Alyssa Fejko, Jerrica Damask & Julianna Jones, Kent State University

Josephine Lim, Lisa Mc Devitt & Sophie Gavin, Limerick School of Art and Design


Krzysztof Wajand, Edinburgh College

Emma Owens, Birmingham City University

Eleanor Roberts, Chelsea Bitonio, Matthew Molloy & Nikola Kuzmanov, University of West London 


Sarah Hardie, Edinburgh Napier University

Florine Maudet, Prague College

Olivia Taylor, Nottingham Trent University

Liam Kay, York St John University

Harry Woodgate, University of Hertfordshire


Eleanor Winch & Guy Rathbone, Leeds Arts University

Dorit Eliyahu, Miami Ad School


Heather Peddle, Belfast Metropolitan College

Lauren Pogue, Ulster University

Jamie-leigh Totten, Ulster University

Bethany Mulgrew, Northumbria University


Ashley Fenlon & Adam Dique, Blackburn College

Daniel Rogers & Sara Sayer, Bedford College


Shaun Leishman, Edinburgh Napier University

Nadine Mockett & Sophie Jones, University of Lincoln

Emily Halladay & Michael Woods, University of the Arts London: Central Saint Martins

Abigail Bills, Birmingham City University

Alex Bloor & Kieran Lawton, Staffordshire University


Kim Appleby, University of South Wales

Katherine Nicholls, Falmouth University


Matthew Pick, University of Gloucestershire

Natalia Losowicka, Gray's School of Art

Laszlo Balogh, Falmouth University

Victoria King, Gray's School of Art

Huw Conway, University of South Wales

Inguna Ziemele, University of the Arts London: Central Saint Martins

Erin Blamire & George Wilson, Leeds Arts University

Mihir Mistry, Nottingham Trent University


Su Lee, Falmouth university 

Tom Hallgarten, Leeds Arts University

Judzia Wynn, UAL Chelsea College of Arts

Rojal Myers, Angharad Stone & Aurelioano Tommy Colombo, University of South Wales

Xian Liew, University of Sunderland

Mario P, University of Lincoln 

I Kei Choei, University of Lincoln 

Adam Welton, University of Hertfordshire 

Ryan Wheeler and Ryan Mansfield, Falmouth University 

Sophie McKinlay, Edinburgh College Granton 

Gita Mistry, University of Hertfordshire 

Laura Park and Rosie Oakes, University of Central Lancashire 

Cameron Gleave, Edinburgh Napier University 

Natasha Ryan, HND Visual Communication: Graphic Design 

Micheal Woods, Central Saint Martins


Bryce Miller, Glasgow Clyde College

Anastasija Vojevodko, Edinburgh Napier University

Charlotte Jones, Falmouth University

Seren Sayer, De Montfort University

Oliver Allen, Nottingham Trent University

Haylam Tang, University of Lincoln

Kayleigh Chan, Central Saint Martins

Leonnardo de Oliveira, University of Hertfordshire


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