Together Design has gathered emerging design themes, recent brand collaborations and a host of visual inspiration to produce its latest trend report.

For the last 15 years, award-winning design and branding agency and member, Together Design has been bringing energy and personality to brands, helping them better connect with people. 

Twice a year, the London-based team produces a report that summarises the “trends and design themes that catch [its] eye, delight [its] senses and feed [its] creative appetite”; and it has just released its latest one in time for Summer 2018.

The report spotlights five key trends for this season – Rococo Pastels, True Grit, Colour Clash, Floating Fantasy and Art Show Muse – which sit alongside a series of other features highlighting awe-inspiring collaborations, favourite retailers, and soothing colour palettes.  

View the report in full here, or visit Together Design’s website to see more of their work.

Rococo Pastels trend: Sketch London interior

True Grit trend: Giffgaff Small vs Big advert

Colour Clash: Makeup artist Marsha Calori

Floating Fantasy trend: Corona Anagrama Fest poster

Art Show Muse trend: Bain de Soleil, Aude Van Ryan