The latest addition to the library is an invaluable guide to the processes and benefits of creative problem solving.

“We are about to enter a new Age of Creativity that will require a new set of superheroes to help the world thrive.”

Creative entrepreneurs Laura Jordan Bambach, Creative Partner at Mr President; Daniele Fiandaca, Co-founder of Utopia and Creative Social; Scott Morrison, Founder of The Boom! and Mark Earls, Founder of Herd Consulting, share lessons in creative problem solving in their new book, Creative Superpowers.

The result is a highly practical and accessible toolkit of creative solutions that we can learn and apply in our businesses, focussing on the four principles of hacking (tackling problems in different ways), making (opening up new parts of your brain), teaching (to consolidate yours and others' experience) and thieving (looking to what already exists as a tool for solving problems).

Progressive and engaging ideas on how to unleash the power of creativity encourage readers to unlock “superpowers” of which they have been previously unaware, shattering the preconception that creativity is with which something we are born. Instead, creativity is redefined as a skill set that can be learned and developed. To illustrate this point, Daniele Fiandaca’s introduction to the book asks readers to recall their childhood, when our sense of creativity, imagination and possibility is freest: “this book is about unlocking many of the key traits lost since childhood (namely adaptability, curiosity, empathy and fearlessness)". 

The four pillars of the book – making, hacking, teaching and copying – are backed up with real examples contributed by creative “superheroes” from a cross-section of industries: "architects, CEOs, creative directors, culture hackers, educators, fashion designers, marketers, musicians, storytellers and many more". With relevance and functionality in mind, the book concludes with a set of exercises for individuals and groups, such as problem solving by visually breaking issues down into their lowest denominator in order to see route causes and seek solutions.

The magic of Creative Superpowers lies in its appeal to people of all different skill sets: as the book develops, similar themes appear across different chapters, proving that the learnings are universally applicable. Anyone who sees the value in building a creative culture to produce better ideas, businesses and, ultimately, a richer, more creative world will engage with the ideas promoted in this modern approach to creative problem solving. 

“Take responsibility for your own development and learning. Be creatively brave and stay true to the butterflies in your tummy. Be inspired by those people who are around you.” 

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