Keynote speaker Mark Shayler gives his top tips for making your presentations go that little bit further.

Presenting is a staple not just of business but our lives as a whole, yet it’s something we’re never really taught how to do. It can be easy to fall into the same rhythm of creating or rehearsing presentations and forget why we're actually doing them. When our we lose that sense of purpose, our presentations can turn into not much else than a generic delivery of information. How do we avoid falling into that trap?

Joining us in Shoreditch House next week will be Mark Shayler for a hands-on workshop of what it takes to present with purpose. Not only will you learn some indispensable advice from an experienced keynote speaker, you’ll also get the chance to present yourself and apply what you learn.

To get you warmed up, we asked Mark ahead of the workshop for some of his top tips to keep in mind when looking for that elusive purpose.

Mark Shayler’s top tips for presenting purposefully

1. Purpose

You need a purpose. I don’t necessarily mean a sense of purpose in a ‘hippy’ kind of way, but I do mean a clear purpose that’s something bigger than you, bigger than your company, or bigger than your client’s.

This is really important. People want to align with what you believe in – they don’t buy what you do, but they buy why you do it. So you need to make that really clear. I don’t mean place your ‘why’ on a slide upfront, it needs to be more gentle than that. It needs to seep out of every pore without being delivered by a heavy hand. This is about reassurance, not making a big statement.

2.  Your idea

You need an idea, one that you own. Delivering someone else’s ideas will always end badly. Your idea needs to have velcro so that others can stick to it.

3.  Confidence and magnetism

Presenting well is not a formula. It isn’t about number of slides per 5 minutes, or words per slide. It is about confidence and magnetism. You can learn both.

4.  Know who you are

The success of the presentation weirdly rests with knowing who you are. It’s as much about learning to like yourself as it is learning lines.

5.  Be yourself

Be yourself, be a bigger version of yourself, but be yourself. You need to identify your essence and make more of that. If you’re boisterous make more of that, calm and quiet - make more of that. It’s you, squared, that we are looking for.

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