Free ideas, real case studies and simple advice from "the 'Delia' of business", creative head and financial director Erica Wolfe-Murray.

New in the library and yours to borrow is Erica Wolfe-Murray's Simple Tips Smart Ideas – a compendium of practical advice for building "better, more resilient" businesses, whether you're a small company, self-employed, a freelancer or a side-hustler.

Erica has experience working for both larger and smaller companies, being self-employed and managing companies of 50 people or less – now she advises similarly small-sized companies, and has compiled her observations and learnings in this new book. She has seen first-hand how small companies have the freedom to make decisions quickly, be "masters of their own destiny" and "outmanoeuvre much larger enterprises" with a fast turnover of ideas, and describes how she has "always been intrigued by the different ways smaller businesses change, develop, flex and grow." Having worked in both a creative and financial capacity, she has a unique perspective on how the different strands of a business work together – something that informs the rich variety of ideas in the book.

Simple Tips Smart Ideas is characterised by its no-nonsense, meticulous approach: it's all in the name. Broken into five, detailed sections (What you sell, Your value and your finances, Your people, Marketing and Goal setting), the main bulk of the book is preceded by an introduction to growth, product mapping, unique selling points and other crucial elements of creating and developing a business plan. Over fifty case studies add an anecdotal, relatable edge to Erica's advice, which is dotted with "quick tips" that draw directly on her personal experiences. The content is relevant and useful to business rookies and experts alike, thanks to the clear and concise writing style and foolproof explanations of business fundamentals, like "Intellectual property – and why it matters", or "50+ revenue models and ways to earn money". 

Whether you are considering starting a new business or you'd simply like an insight into areas in which your existing business model could do better, Simple Tips Smart Ideas is a good place to get free, relevant, jargon-free advice on everything from patenting to people-mapping. For more on Erica, you can listen to her speak at Creative Mornings and on Lucy Mann's Small Spark Theory podcast.

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