The Source: Open Your Mind, Change Your Life, a compelling new brain-training book that will make you rethink the power of the mind.

New to the Library and yours to borrow is the latest release from Dr Tara Swart – a neuroscientist, leadership coach, former psychiatrist and lead author of the award-winning Neuroscience for Leadership: Harnessing the Brain Gain Advantage. With her medical and academic background, alongside her roles as Faculty at MIT and King’s College London and as guest lecturer at Oxford Saïd, Dr Swart has fostered a deep understanding of the power of the mind. As an advisor to FTSE 100, Fortune 500 and Magic Circle firms, she coaches leaders to harness key competencies and creativity in order to “make better decisions, improve performance and resilience and deal with complexities and innovations more effectively”.

In The Source, her latest book, Dr Swart combines her scientific expertise and coaching experience to create a unique guide to unlocking the potential power of our minds and altering the way we think in order to transform our lives. A four-step plan that combines science and spirituality promises to awaken the power of your brain, by challenging “autopilot” thinking and teaching us to “harness the power of visualisation to prime your brain to grab opportunities” and “dispel fear and avoid negative thinking”.

Dr Swart has carved out a career as one of the most prominent voices in her field, her practical advice is corroborated by scientific research. In centring her coaching and writing around the strong connection between body and brain, she bridges the gap between science and real-life situations. In The Source, she strips away the “mystique” around powerful thought that is created and perpetuated by other self-help books, and cuts through to the all-important truth at the heart of the book: “most of the things we want from life – health, happiness, wealth, love – are governed by our ability to think, feel and act; in other words, by our brain”.

It’s the simplicity of Dr Swart’s mind-training model that has gained her such respect among a powerful client list, and that makes this a compelling read for anyone who thinks they could get more out of life; whether that’s in terms of work, relationships, self-confidence or health. At the heart of it is Dr Swart’s simple belief that we can learn to master our minds in order to fulfil our potential: an encouraging message we can all learn something from.

The Source: Open Your Mind, Change Your Life is out now, published by Vermilion.

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