We're working with the London Community Foundation to enable community groups across the capital to become more capable and resilient in delivering their brilliant work.

Pictured is Emmanuel. He's one of the team at Fat Macy’s, a social enterprise set up by Meg Doherty in 2013 that helps young Londoners make the move from temporary accommodation and into their own homes. Their approach is to train them up as chefs, and then involve them in culinary happenings in the city. 

We've recently been appointed by the London Community Foundation to support a three-year capacity building programme, aiming to increase the impact and resilience of over 50 community groups, like Fat Macy's, all working to reduce violence among young people in London. It's all funded through the Evening Standard Dispossessed Fund, and you can learn more about that here.

So that could also be groups like the Big House, an amazing North London based charity launched in 2013 by Maggie Norris, working with care leavers at risk of social exclusion and using theatre to build life skills. Or Lives not Knives, set up by in 2007 by Eliza Rebeiro (when she was 14), who train teachers to deliver anti knife crime workshops throughout Croydon. The opportunity to support the invaluable, urgent and purposeful work of these groups is one we’re delighted to have been considered for. We're hoping the beliefs, and methods at the heart of YCN — and the knowledge within our network — can empower those tackling some of biggest social challenges of the day; demonstrating the power of peer-led learning, communities of practice and modern capability building that’s measured against its impact to defined goals.

In the coming weeks we’ll be working with the groups to explore and gather what their individual and collective capacity challenges are, and designing ways to connect them with people and teams in the private and public sector with relevant knowledge and expertise to share; working with key partner the Citi Foundation, and potentially others, where mutually valuable learning experiences are valued.

We’ll be sharing more details as the project develops, and you can find out more about some of the community groups we'll be supporting here.

Partner with us

Creatively driven, growth oriented, organisations partner with YCN to purposefully build capability throughout their teams.

Our pioneering social learning programmes bring people together, enriching their skillsets, and growing their networks in the process too. We take targetted, topic specific workshops into our partners’ places of work, and use modern and energising facilitation to take teams towards any outcome.

Find out more in this PDF, by emailing YCN Director Nick Defty or calling +44 (0)20 7033 2140.