The New York-based multidisciplinary designer and art director shows us some of her eye-catching new work.

A multidisciplinary designer and art director living and working in New York City, YCN Member Leta Sobierajski recently got in contact to show us some of her new work. Combining design, photography, art, and styling to develop tangible compositions for both print and motion, she was recently named as one of the top 20 new visual artists making a splash in the creative industries by Print Magazine, and has collaborated with Google Creative Labs, The Art Director's Club, and Nylon Magazine amongst others. 

Her recent work for the quirky Australian sock brand, Odd Pears, is a humorously surreal affair, capturing the essence of the brand beautifully with some striking imagery, which you can see below. Find out more about the project itself here and browse through some more of Leta's eye-catching work at her website.


Odd Pears campaign

Odd Pears campaign

Yule Log 2.0 project

Personal project

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