This London-based animator embraces volatile materials to build curious video landscapes.

Employing techniques from traditional drawn animation, through to otherworldly stop motion video, Alice Dunseath creates films with an aesthetic and narrative finesse. A recent graduate of the Royal College of Art's Animation MA, Alice has had the time and space to build on her experiences working at creative design studio VooDooDog, and on a series of individual film and animation projects, including Wes Anderson's 'Fantastic Mr Fox'. With a teaser released for a new video collaboration with fashion designer Jane Bowler, just last week, the young director hints at a continued explorative approach to materials and techniques, already evident in her engaging body of work.


Alice's graduation film, 'You Could Sunbathe in this Storm,' produced with the support of creative agency, Blinkink, is a particular testament to her open approach to moving image design, combining time-lapsed chemical reactions with her own sublimely crafted 3D sets. This is itself a development of a technique she executes to great effect in her music video for Chris Morphitis' 'Where to Go', featured above, which harnesses the unpredictability of liquid dye and growing crystals to emphasise the musician's delicately plucked soundscape.

Alice's portfolio also includes the sensitively arranged film, 'Hunting for Hockney', which follows two characters' search for the Bridlington home of artist David Hockney, as a distraction from the grief of organising a loved one's funeral. While standing somewhat in contrast to the aesthetics shown in Alice's more recent films, this piece focuses on conjuring a more emotional tone, and a distinct narrative. With this evident level of diversity, Alice is clearly an animation director with both a clear grasp on visual storytelling, and an exciting ambition to experiment and play with the potential of the practice.

To see more of Alice's work, visit her website.


From 'You Could Sunbathe in the Storm'

From 'Where to Go'

From 'Where To Go'

From 'Where To Go'

From 'Hunting for Hockney'

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