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  • Twin Thing

    Photographer Alma Haser has innovative twin puzzle portraits on show at NOW Gallery, London and Trinity 7 Gallery, Hastings.

    Posted on Oct 25th 2017
  • Pop In

    Join Member PROPERCORN as it opens its doors to budding business-owners in celebration of global entrepreneurship week.

    Posted on Oct 25th 2017
  • Tailor Made

    Illustrator Timo Kuilder has created the visuals for Tailie, a sizing app that accurately measures your body and matches your size to products.

    Posted on Oct 25th 2017
  • The Anti-Gym

    Lantern has rebranded the new fitness and wellbeing bootcamp Primal Roots, a programme that challenges conventional gyms.

    Posted on Oct 24th 2017
  • East End Entertainment

    Member Agency Human After All has designed a sophisticated launch campaign for the opening of Curzon Aldgate.

    Posted on Oct 19th 2017
  • Chic Retreats

    Photographer Julian Anderson has photographed exceptional hotels and owners for Chic Retreats, a travel lifestyle brand.

    Posted on Oct 19th 2017
  • Something About Mary

    Member Photographer David Titlow recently photographed UK national treasure Mary Berry, for The Times Magazine

    Posted on Oct 17th 2017
  • Girls Who Grind Coffee

    Member Ben O’Brien has created illustrations and brand visuals for Girls Who Grind Coffee, an all-female coffee roastery.

    Posted on Oct 16th 2017
  • Good Times To Give

    We Launch have relaunched The Indytute's new e-commerce website, in collaboration with Member Illustrator Ana Jaks and This Here.

    Posted on Oct 16th 2017
  • Industrial Evolution

    Member Atlas has created a visual identity for Jijibaba, the new fashion label by designers Jasper Morrison and Jaime Hayon.

    Posted on Oct 13th 2017
  • Amplify Your Life

    Lantern has created the brand identity and strategy for new global classical music streaming service Primephonic.

    Posted on Oct 10th 2017
  • A Warm Welcome

    Illustrator Josh McKenna has worked with Studio LP to create the vibrant new welcome booklets for the University of the Arts London.

    Posted on Oct 9th 2017
  • National Nostalgia

    Member Maria Spann has embarked on a heartfelt project photographing families and their memories of the the 1944 Estonian diaspora.

    Posted on Oct 9th 2017
  • A Shoe In

    Wired Magazine commissioned Alastair Philip Wiper to photograph behind the scenes at Adidas's Speedfactory in Bavaria, Germany.

    Posted on Oct 6th 2017
  • Lay of The Land

    Beth Walrond has created a series of colourful and textural maps for Exodus Travels.

    Posted on Oct 4th 2017
  • New To The Library: 'How to Draw Anything' by Scriberia

    Scriberia’s new book 'How to Draw Anything' helps readers harness the natural skill of visual communication.

    Posted on Oct 3rd 2017