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Alan Rusbridger's Reading List

We were joined in the library by the former Guardian editor-in-chief, sharing the reading to have sharpened his thinking.

Job openings at YCN

We're currently recruiting for a Studio Coordinator, Programme Manager, Coach Facilitator and an Editorial & Research intern too.

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  • New to the YCN Library

    Come and tackle the tricky questions around data, knowledge and interpretation in our latest crop of books new to the library this month.

    Posted on Nov 19th 2018
  • Cultivating resilience with Dr. Brennan Jacoby

    Ahead of our next Leading Now roundtable, we asked philosopher and trainer Dr. Brennan Jacoby for his top tips on cultivating resilience at work.

    Posted on Nov 19th 2018
  • Building gravitas with Catherine Allison

    Can anyone have gravitas? Catherine Allison says yes in her upcoming talk at the library.

    Posted on Nov 12th 2018
  • Breakfast at Dishoom with Otegha Uwagba

    We caught up with consultant, writer and creator of the platform Women Who, Otegha Uwagba, over breakfast at Dishoom.

    Posted on Nov 7th 2018
  • Finding the purpose in your presentations with Mark Shayler

    Keynote speaker Mark Shayler gives his top tips for making your presentations go that little bit further.

    Posted on Nov 5th 2018
  • Pop in: Propercorn opens its doors to aspiring entrepreneurs

    Propercorn relaunches Pop In, an initiative for budding startups and aspiring innovators, in time for Global Entrepreneurship Week.

    Posted on Nov 2nd 2018
  • Emma Gannon: The Multi-Hyphen Method

    We welcomed author-columnist-speaker-lecturer-podcaster Emma Gannon to the YCN Library for an evening of discussion around the ideas in her new book.

    Posted on Oct 31st 2018
  • Getting into the coaching mindset with Liz Whitney

    Leadership coach Liz Whitney shares her insights into what it means to be a good coach manager ahead of her full-day session at Shoreditch House.

    Posted on Oct 26th 2018
  • Writing better business emails

    Kimi Gilbert of The Future Factory shares her top four tips for writing business emails that go further and make more impact.

    Posted on Oct 26th 2018
  • The essentials of content creation according to Jess Pike

    This week Jess Pike was in the YCN library to talk about the essentials for creating valuable—and readable—online content.

    Posted on Oct 23rd 2018
  • Strategic Social Media Marketing

    On his return to YCN, we caught up with digital media consultant Paul Sutton to find out more about the overlooked need for strategic social media marketing.

    Posted on Oct 19th 2018
  • June Sarpong: Diversify

    A memorable and inspiring evening in the Library with June Sarpong in conversation with Emma Gannon, discussing the ideas and arguments in her new book, Diversify.

    Posted on Oct 19th 2018
  • Influencer Marketing

    Founder of This Here, Jemima Garthwaite, led a panel discussion on the rise, value and ongoing challenges within the influencer marketing industry.

    Posted on Oct 11th 2018
  • Vocal Confidence with Ingrid Gray

    Ahead of October's workshop, voice and accent coach Ingrid Gray shares her top tips for unlocking vocal potential.

    Posted on Oct 8th 2018
  • Talking Shop: Sustainability

    In the latest in a series of retail focussed events, hosted in Hammerson's London HQ — we explored the ways that retail brands, large and small, are developing more sustainably driven process, products and brands.

    Posted on Oct 5th 2018
  • New to the YCN Library

    Documents of ephemera and invaluable insights make up the latest batch of new books available to our members in the library.

    Posted on Oct 2nd 2018

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