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Next-Gen Leaders

Our Next-Gen leaders programme matches industry professionals with diverse and ambitious young people for purposeful one-to-one relationships rooted in mutually valuable coaching and mentoring. The programme blends expert led training workshops, structured one-to-one sessions and action and reflection in-between. We're now welcoming applications for both mentors and mentees for 2022.

Develop your team, empower diverse talent

Programme outline and benefits


A unique development experience

As an employer the programme offers a motivating and rewarding way to support the continual development of your managers and leaders. Once matched with their mentee; highly relevant skills in coaching, mentoring, communication and goal-setting are developed through structured 1-1 sessions and the expert-led training sessions that support them.


Connecting with diverse, ambitious talent

The programme broadens participants' perspectives by bringing together mentors and mentees from all kinds of industries and backgrounds creating a motivating melting pot for mutually valuable development. For many partners this provides an excellent way to complement ongoing DE&I strategy and enrich their communities of talent.


Coaching me, Coaching you — Aha!

The programme provides both mentors and mentees with a safe and positive space in which to practice and refine coaching skills in relation to each other's challenges and opportunities. This external perspective for both sides contributes to the unique and transformative learning experience.


Energising training to support the experience

All participants benefit from access to social, bitesize and motivating workshops on in-demand skills like coaching and mentoring, goal setting, nurturing a growth mindset and more. As well as supporting the mentoring relationship at the heart of the programme, these skills are also highly transferable to the day to day.


Build relationships with education

Our work since 2001 connecting schools, colleges and universities with industry provides a diverse and ever growing pool of bright young talent keen to make its mark on the world. Through the Next-Gen Leaders programme we can connect your team with ambitious young people in your local area, keen to learn more about your industry.


Connect with community groups

As well as supporting college leavers and graduates from across our education network, we're supporting young people keen to learn and make their mark from a variety of community groups and social enterprises. Our recent partnership with the bank Citi, saw team members matched with London based community groups such as Fat Macy's, pictured.

Programme journey

Over 12 weeks, mentors take part in three X two hour group training sessions alongside six X 1-1 sessions with their mentees. Self-directed resources and reflection exercises support the live sessions, with all participants joining a supportive alumni community on completion.

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Step forward as a mentor

If you'd like to take part in the programme, and be matched with a mentee keen to learn from your experiences and challenge your own thinking, please drop us a line to learn more

Break through as a mentee

If you'd like to take part in the programme, and be matched with a mentor keen to support your development and learn from your perspectives too, then you can now apply.

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Become a programme partner

Join our community of growth oriented-partners, from FTSE 100 firms to fast-scaling startups supporting diverse, emerging talent and offering dynamic and memorable development opportunities to their teams. To find out more about piloting the Next Gen Leaders programme among your team email Hannah Haine at You Can Now, or call + 44 (0)20 7033 2140