Purposeful partnerships
Purposeful partnerships
Building culture, capability and performance together

Ways we can support continual learning throughout your team

We're a learning partner to organisations of all shapes and sizes; small design studios to big government departments. All partnerships are inclusive and 'remote-first' in their delivery, rooted in individual and team goals and measured against key cultural and commercial objectives.

We offer continual, self-directed access to cross-organisational programmes; as well as targeted activity delivered directly to your teams too — from short, energising bursts to deeper and ongoing engagements.

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Open, social learning for your team

Many partners opt to give their teams individual access to our weekly open programme of live, virtual sessions. With people in the driving seat of their own development, they can pick and choose the topics and sessions that fit their goals at any time, and connect with diverse peers in the process.


Supporting, self-directed resources

To support live sessions, teams can access a world of practical and expert led eCourses, bitesize video and other resources to deepen understanding and transfer new skills into teams. Access is individual and personalised via our social learning platform Can.


Development tailored for teams

From one off sessions to inspire and galvanise around a theme, to ongoing development programmes that drive behaviour change at scale — we design and deliver learning experiences to achieve any cultural or commercial goal. For AXA it's helping front-line team members be more customer centric, while for Dr. Martens it's equipping managers globally with useful approaches to effective 1-1's with their teams.

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Start with managers

Many partnerships focus on equipping managers and leaders with the mindsets and skillsets to thrive in these distributed times. Well supported managers, drive change and impact at pace — multiplying and cascading their confidence and capability among teams. We share the proven building blocks, and create the motivation to put them into play right away.

Some partnership snapshots

Drop us a line to share some more from both sides
Drop us a line to share some more from both sides

Recently re-opened in socially distanced style, we'd love to show you our building at 72 Rivington Street in London — where you'll find our ground floor library, film-recording and edit studio, collaborative workspace and a rooftop too. And if you're further afield, or more virtually inclined, we'll fix a time to talk on screen. Do drop us a line.