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A mixtape for your mind
Press play on your personal development

Purposeful, Personal Development Plans

Tell us a little about your development goals, priorities at work and the skills you're keen to build to support them — and we'll share with you an individually curated plan. It will combine on-point courses and resources from in and around the world of YCN, for you to pick, mix and experiment with at your own pace; and with some timely nudges and reflection questions to help you practice and apply what's new. You can share input from your recent 1-1's and reviews, and we can keep your manager looped in to support positive performance conversations.

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One size fits no-one

Personal Development Plans meet the appetite for individual, curated learning experiences that fuel curiosity, reflect different learning styles and create accountability for applying new skills within the flow of work. The process of reflecting on strengths, priorities and goals is a powerful one; drawing learners into the benefits of continual learning — and with specific applications in mind from the off.


Discover, try, share, apply

The emphasis within each plan is application; learning by doing, little and often — and putting all that’s explored over time; whether live sessions or recommended reading, enlightening podcasts or timely team tools; into glorious practice around real work challenges. Nudges and reflection prompts along the way, both for team members and their managers, go a long way in complementing internal conversations — and keeping development front of mind

Positively supporting performance converations
Positively supporting performance converations

The Personal Development Plans we co-create tie in really neatly with the informal check-ins and more formal performance reviews that managers are having with their teams. They put wind into the sails of personal development; and help find the sweet spot between push and pull when it comes too continual learning. Drop us line to learn more, and to discuss piloting some Personal Development Plans among your team.