Micro-learning: Effective Allyship

Developed alongside Abi Adamson at the Diversity Partnership; this new, positive and purposeful course of micro-learning is for anyone keen to deepen their understanding of the opportunity for greater allyship and advocacy, and to discover, try and apply and share practical and proven approaches.

Unchecked privilege, inherent bias, clumsy communication and unhelpful practices still have a hold in today's world of work. And the longer these systematic problems and cultural cracks go unchallenged, the more damage is done to the mental health, meaningful progression and enjoyment of work among marginalised and minority groups within our teams.

This short, self-directed series of five micro-learning doses, shared via email over the course of next week — and each exploring and practicing the touchstones of effective allyship and advocacy at work — will help you experience, share and reflect on actionable steps that towards being a better ally and advocate in your own work context.

Allyship Micro
Illustration by Ruan van Vliet

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