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A three-step approach to finding your ‘Why’

We are often told to start with ‘Why’ when approaching new projects. But all that soul-searching upfront can be a difficult place to begin. Creative Director Nick Eagleton argues that starting with ‘What’ and ‘Who’ makes answering the ‘Why’ a whole lot easier.

Key Takeaways


Problem solving starts with knowing your problem. That means answering the What, Who and Why of your project.


Time spent understanding your problem upfront is the most valuable time in the whole process. That way you won’t waste time, because there’s never enough of it.


Identifying the What and the Who first will help you determine the best approach to solving your problem, because you’ll have a clearer idea of the Why behind it.

Over to you...


First ask yourself: what have I been asked to do? What do I need in order to do it? That is the requirement, the task you have been asked to complete.


The next step is working out who it’s for and what they’re like. This doesn’t need to be some big piece of strategy; it’s just empathy.


Bringing together the functional ‘What’ and the emotional ‘Who’ turns your project into a human story. That’s when the ‘Why’ becomes much easier, and will help you decide on the best way forward.