A growing collection of tools, techniques and starters for ten — to purposefully bring creativity and conversation into teams.

Better Briefing: A bitesize guide from Baxter & Bailey

This short and practical guide to better creative briefing, supports our course on the topic developed and delivered by agency founders Matt Baxter and Dom Bailey. It will help you ensure that you begin projects with Purpose, People, Standards and Results in mind.
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Evolve the humble creative brief from practical tool to rocket fuel.

And some links and resources that support the live course

Here's the session Miro board and 'inspiration wall'.


Here's Howard Ibach's book — How to Write an Inspired Creative Brief — recommended by Matt and Dom (they'd like to redesign the cover).


Here are some more books recommended by Matt and Dom

1. Hegarty on Creativity
2. Damn Good Advice, for People with Talent
3. A Technique for Producing Ideas

And (linking back to the guidance of 'putting the reader in the driving seat' when it comes to snappy briefs — in the video resource below, copywriting maestro Steve Harrison shares some insights into the power of you. And here's a great book by Steve too.