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Knowing me, knowing you

Whether you’ve got a new team that hasn’t worked together before, or want to bring new energy into a group, this simple exercise helps everyone get to know each other to make workflows more enjoyable and efficient for all.

How it works


Ask everyone to write down three things that have shaped the person they are today. This could be an event, experience, encounter or anything else that is personal to them. Encourage them to get creative by writing, drawing, performing and using props to bring their story to life.


Once everyone’s had time to prepare their three things, they take turns to present their personal narratives to the rest of the group. This is a good time to brush up on your presentation skills: remember to breathe, pause, and make eye contact!


To make sure the group was actively listening to the presentations, encourage them to share what they learnt about their colleagues, and get them to ask any questions they might have off the back of the presentations to get to know them even better.

Reflection: What three things have you realised about yourself by doing this exercise?