Lizzie King shares some insights into how her new window display for the YCN Shop & Library came together.

We recently asked YCN member Lizzie King to create a vibrant new display for the window of our Shop & Library at 72 Rivington Street. She responded with a a giant rainbow made from dip dyed tassel; designed to promote her new collection of necklaces and earrings. Here Lizzie tells us a little more...

YCN: So Lizzie, why a rainbow?

Lizzie King: I have always been drawn to rainbows, and I like the of idea finding a pot of gold at the end of one. I wanted to make a window display that related to my jewellery, and as the new colour combinations I have made for YCN are really vibrant and bright, so a rainbow made perfect sense.

Where did the idea to make tassel jewellery come from?

I first made them for a shoot with the photographer Lydia Garnett. I wanted to make jewellery that would match a specific outfit, and settled on using the tassels as they can be dyed in any colour combination. On the shoot the stylist and model wanted to buy a pair so I started making more. 

The tassels are created from a synthetic mix of fibres, and so have to be left in the dye for quite a long time. I have invented an odd contraption to keep them hanging in there which involves old yoghurt pots, knitting needles and elastic bands.

Aside from rainbows and tie-dying, what does your practice involve?

I'm always making something. I make props for window displays as well as the odd music video or advert. I recently made a foam temple which was used as a DJ booth at the Accent Magazine launch. I also teach people how to knit and run my Get Rich or Tie Dyeing workshops at The Book Club and Shoreditch House. I teach art workshops at local primary school too.

What has been your most ambitious project to date?

I think it would have to be knitting under pressure. I knitted four pairs of high waisted knickers for the EDE and Fred Butler collaboration for London Fashion Week. After some late nights, I got them done just in time, but the last pair shrank in the wash.

What other colourful projects have you got in the pipeline?

I am working with the illustrator Suzi Kemp to make some wooden heads for my jewellery to hang off.  Her drawings are beautiful and I'm really excited about displaying my tassels on some of her characters.  I am also doing a Supermarket Sarah wall in August, where I'll be selling jewellery, tie dye duvet covers and props from window displays. I am finally launching my website in August too which I'm very excited about. It's been a long time coming.