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Tools for Trust
12 transformative weeks for commercial and relational growth

"I know it when I feel it"

Trust is a complex concept, and our success at work often pivots on the amount of it within our relationships. Throughout this self-directed programme, you'll explore key levers for trust, and practically apply them for immediately evident relational and commercial impact. This programme is for business and sales-leaders wanting to drive new commercial relationships, enable growth within existing ones and enjoy the process of experimentation, risk and change as a 'Trusted Advisor'.

How the programme works

Six self-directed modules, with optional coaching groups

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Six self-paced modules

Over 12 weeks you'll dig into 6 enlightening and easy to navigate modules, one launched every fortnight. Modules mix about an hour of listening and reading to do at your own pace within the two weeks — and you'll be applying the principles and Trust activities in each to specific client and colleague relationships you define throughout. As you'll discover, risk is fundamental to trust; and we'll be trusting you to experiment, reflect and measure impact within your working week.


Coaching groups you're welcome to join

At the end of each 2 week module, our programme partner Louise will host an optional 60-minute coaching group — a chance to remotely check in around the focus of the module, and share impact, challenges and reflections with your peers. Some participants find this a timely and valuable part of the learning experience, others participate purely through the self-directed, activity based side of the programme.

A Trusted Advisor throughout
A Trusted Advisor throughout

We've developed the programmes resources and activities with Louise Hedges, a coach and commercial consultant with 25 years of experience training teams to deploy the Trusted Advisor philosophy for commercial and relational growth. And Louise will facilitate the optional group coaching check-ins at the close of each module.

Tools for Trust — Six practical and action-oriented modules

The programme is designed to be experienced within the flow of work, and you'll be applying everything shared to specific relationships throughout — immediately experiencing the impact of a trust based approach to them. Every two weeks a new module will begin, with a core idea to take onboard — and activities to apply it at your own pace within the two week period.

Areas of focus:

1. Fundamental Trust Truths, and your personal Trust Equation
2. Using self-awareness to increase trust
3. Listen > Learn > Influence
4. Your Moments of Truth, and taking risks
5. Developing business with trust
6. Managing relationships with trust

Taking part in our Tools for Trust programme
Taking part in our Tools for Trust programme

Combining self-directed, self-paced modules and optional coaching check-ins; we deliver the programme to cross-organisational groups and directly into groups from our partners' teams too. To find out more, to join coming cohorts or discuss bringing Tools for Trust into teams anywhere, call +44 (0)20 7033 2140 or email to learn more.