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Designed to reflect the challenges of the day, our bite-sized sessions are packed with practical tools and techniques to get groups thinking differently together.

From boosting presence and building resilience, to storytelling and decision making — the topics outlined below, and many others too, are delivered by our coach-facilitators in motivating, practical and punchy sessions; with supporting resources and digital follow-ups help to make sure new skills and are transferred.

• Come to sessions in our cross organisational programme.
• Or we can deliver them to groups of up to 20 anywhere.
• Diary friendly 90 minute — 3 hour sessions full of new tools and techniques.
• 98% + of participants answer yes to 'would you recommend to a colleague?'
• Developed with the best instructional designers and subject experts.

Come to sessions

Learn among like-minds, within our open programme throughout the year.

Brought to you

We can deliver bite-sized, topic specific sessions to your teams anywhere.

Popular Topics

  • Asking Better Questions

    Crafting compelling questions can transform the way we communicate and move us forward in all areas of our lives

  • Storytelling in the Digital Age

    Unravelling the power of stories and how to harness them to persuade in all kinds of modern spaces.

  • Owning Feedback

    By refining our relationship with the ways we give and receive feedback, we'll enjoy more purposeful and productive relationships.

  • Unconscious Bias

    It can be uncomfortable to acknowledge, but within any mind, team or organisation — there is unconscious bias.

  • Success under Stress

    The pressure to deliver more with less is a common challenge. How can we equip ourselves and our teams with tools to thrive in turbulent times?

  • Vocal Confidence

    ​We can all benefit from a stronger and more confident voice, and there are accessible and actionable methods of developing one.

  • Project Management Priorities

    From managing stakeholders to easy elements of agile approaches, we tour the latest tools and techniques that work at work.

  • Finding Flow

    Through changing our perceptions, and applying some basic principles, we can all increase the chances of finding flow within our everyday work.

  • Hacking Fear

    By reframing fear as opportunity we're able to transform the way we think about challenges in front of us, and how to positively approach them.

  • Get on top of OKRs

    Pioneered by Intel, and popularised by Google, OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) provide a system for purposefully aligning teams around measurable goals.

  • Coaching Mindsets

    A coaching mindset, and methods for putting into into play, will enrich your management style in all directions

  • Non-Sales Selling

    We're all in the business of 'moving people' now. And smart, connected organisations empower people throughout their teams to 'own' the sales conversation, with the effectiveness in the empathy.

  • Getting into Habits

    By overlooking the power of habits in working towards our goals, we set ourselves up to fail. When we embrace habits, we change our brains and our behaviours for the better.

  • Presence and Gravitas

    There are simple and easy to action ways to boost our sense of authority, presence and gravitas at work. And by mastering them, we can quickly create influential impact.

  • Tiny Habits, Massive Changes

    Try and apply practical new methods of behaviour change, rooted in BJ Fogg’s ground-breaking method of behaviour design.

  • Effective Team Meetings

    Learn the foundations of great creative and engaging team meetings in this interactive and practical session.

  • Influencing IRL

    If you know you deserve to be heard, and want to make a difference, actively working on your influencing skills is important.

  • Design Thinking

    With customer expectations for seamless and personalised experiences always increasing, Design Thinking has never been a more valuable or relevant method to master.

  • Natural Networking

    Exploring the principles and practices that can help us painlessly and purposefully meet the people we want to meet.

  • Better Breathing

    By equipping ourselves with techniques for breathing more consciously, we can improve our sense of connection and wellbeing in the workplace.

  • Rethinking Resilience

    We'll explore the ways in which we can support ourselves holistically, to become better equipped for whatever comes our way at work.

  • LEGO Serious Play

    Introducing a powerful, purposeful and playful tool for improving creative thinking and communication in meetings and workshops.

  • Great Groups

    Exploring the art and science of running creative and engaging meetings, gatherings and other get-togethers.

  • Managing Up

    Refining and combining our skills of empathy, listening and questioning will enable us to purposefully manage relationships with those more senior.

  • Authentic & Purposeful Presenting

    A great presentation is really a demonstration of authenticity, and of understanding who it is we're presenting to. And of knowing how to get out of our own way.

  • Running Retros

    Popularised within the Agile movement, retrospective are a great tool for reflecting at the end of a project. What worked, what could be better — where are the opportunities?

  • Navigating Negotiation

    By mastering the art of the negotiation, we can positively and purposefully pull others towards our point of view.

  • How to Decide

    In today's fast-moving and ambiguous world of work, it's no surprise that we often feel pressured and unfocussed. Hardly the best context for making good decisions.

Partner with us

Creatively-driven organisations partner with YCN to continually build capability throughout their teams.

Our open, year-round learning programme brings people from across these organisations together, enriching their mindsets and skillsets, and building their networks too. We take targetted, topic specific sessions into members’ teams at their places of work; and, when required, help our members to connect with the smartest thinking from across our network in relation to specific business challenges.

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