Spring Two
Step up, move forward!
Timely tools and tempting topics, as the seasons turn...

In-demand skills for the modern world of work

Spanning the modern manager's mindset, creative thinking, conscious inclusion, data-driven decision making, tools for transition and so much more; our take on these topics is rooted in the real challenges of our community right now, developed alongside diverse subject experts and enlivened by the experiences of everyone we engage weekly. Join us in our continual learning as we explore and energise these opportunities live virtual courses and really helpful resources.

Our Top Ten topics for your teams today

Based on programmes and sessions delivered in Feb— June this year


1. Neurodiversity Awareness

Developed and co-facilitated with academic and specialist HR practitioner Dr. Anne Cockayne, this session opens conversation and closes knowledge gaps among teams around neurodiversity at work, and gets everyone working proactively towards small steps they can be taking in their working cultures for greater neuro-inclusion the moment the session ends.


2. Mastering Miro, and virtual collaboration

Our Miro 'Mountain Morning' session, gets teams together, tooled-up digitally and thinking differently about ways of making decisions, opportunities and processes more visual when working in distributed ways. Working together on a collaborative canvas, we scale a virtual mountain and in doing so focus on a challenge live in the group right now.


3. Hybrid Health-check

This new and timely session helps teams reflect on their readiness to sustain performance and inclusion as more hybrid and remote-first approaches to work are embraced. Throughout the session, and through follow on missions, you'll collectively codify a playbook to support the journey. Pre-work gets an audit of the current state of play into the group, to purposefully and positively build upon.


4. Beating Bias for Better Decisions

Sustaining the conversation around unconscious and implicit biases, this session will get your team critically evaluating key decisions within their lives and workflows right now — how bias might be showing up in relation to them, and the tactics and tools they can deploy to 'outsmart themselves', and shift into slower and more intentional styles of deliberation. Fast paced group exercises also get teams focussed on choices that need to be made collectively, with accountability to one-another as 'bias busters'.


5. Coaching me, Coaching you

Coaching mindsets, both for managers and their teams, are critical when building and sustaining cultures of learning and performance. In this super-practical session we get everyone into the coaching mindset; appreciating the impact we can have on others when we intentionally listen, curiously question and hold up a mirror to others. Supporting diagnostics, team tools and individual and team missions provide the fuel to sustain coaching conversations.


6. How to have Ideas

The beauty of this session is that we can put your live business or team challenge right at the heart of it; and get the team applying an array of new tools for idea generation directly to it. Skills building meets problem solving! From visual collisions to thinking hats, related worlds to 60 second stories — the techniques your team take away from this session, will get used again and again in all kinds of knotty contexts.


7. Behave Yourself.

This collaborative and cognitively invigorating session is all about discovering and decoding the potential of behavioural insights — and immediately experimenting with their application to our real-world decisions, relationships and opportunities. Teams get hands on with bitesize behavioural nuggets; from social proof to the Ikea effect, fluency shortcuts to loss aversion — and with their own real challenges on the table, design behavioural experiments to put into practice right away.


8. Feedback First Cultures

One of the most common insights we here from partners' teams is that "we need to get better at giving and receiving feedback with each other." And it's no surprise that the highest performing teams with low-team turnover and evident psychological safety are those nurturing cultures of continual learning. To do so, they're breaking down the barriers of perceived awkwardness, reframing difficult conversations as learning conversations and collectively committing to a cadence of both providing, and pulling in, feedback from all around them. This session puts proven tools into peoples hands, and creates accountability for action.


9. Facilitating Remote Groups

Particularly popular with managers and those having to lead distributed groups (whether team meetings or client workshop), this session is all about enhancing your ability to bring energy, focus and participation to meetings, workshops and any other kind of gathering. To facilitate means to 'make something easy', but it's likely you'll have been in a group situation that felt difficult — that lacked purpose, energy and impact. As an antidote to that outcome, we work through our 5E framework, with all participants taking away transformative tools and approaches, and a clear sense of what they'll enable at the earliest next opportunity.


10. A Values Audit

Do you have a set of company values? Or values that your team has co-created together? If so, how well do they stack up against evident behaviours, and a common understanding around the specific ways we should expect our values to manifest within our teams day to day? This popular session takes your company, or team, values as a starting point and stress-tests them against such behaviours, outputting a collectively drafted playbook of behaviours to live and build on daily; at an individual, team and organisational level. A positive and productive session, for purpose driven organisations.

Key theme — Conscious inclusion

Building belonging, in distributed teams


Inclusive Conversations

We're partnering with Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Consultant Sereena Abbassi, to facilitate a series of conversations among our partners' teams around timely and pertinent themes. Coming up in May, our focus falls on the relationship between micro-aggressions, calling-out and calling-in.


Neurodiversity awareness training

Our NeuroAware programme is focussed on positively increasing practical understanding of neurodiversity at work. Delivered remotely through social sessions and self-directed resources, the programme is designed in partnership with subject experts including Dr. Anne Cockayne, who recently completed a PHD on the experiences of people-managers working with autistic team members.

Key theme — The Modern management mode

Tools for leading teams in 2021

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First Time Leaders

Our purposeful, social and performance-enhancing 12 week accelerator provides recently promoted people managers with practical and immediately applicable skills.

Key theme — Personal effectiveness

Don't call them soft skills, they're super-powers!

Key theme — Creative Thinking

Opening up to new connections, and other ways of thinking

Key theme — Wellbeing

Building resilience and supporting transition

Building these skills in your teams

How we can immediately help

Live, virtual courses

Interactive and immersive sessions, accessed in our open programme or delivered directly to teams anywhere. From 12 person virtual workshops to a 400 person 'all in'.

Scaleable resources

Bitesize and sticky eCourses and digital resources that fit with the flow of work, and people actually want to use. Behaviourally proven to reinforce and sustain knowledge transfer.

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Train the trainer

Enable people in your own team to deliver and replay our content, adapted and licensed to reflect your commercial challenges and cultural feel.