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Building in-demand skills for the modern world of work, and whatever '21 has in store.

Spanning the modern manager's mindset, creative thinking, conscious inclusion, data-driven decision making, tools for transition and so much more; our take on these topics is rooted in the real challenges of our community right now, developed alongside diverse subject experts and enlivened by the experiences of everyone we engage weekly. Join us in our continual learning as we energise these opportunities through live course, coaching circles and really helpful resources.

Conscious inclusion

Building belonging in distributed teams


Inclusive Conversations

We're partnering with Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Consultant Sereena Abbassi, to facilitate a series of conversations among our partners' teams around timely and pertinent themes. Coming up in May, our focus falls on the relationship between micro-aggressions, calling-out and calling-in.


Neurodiversity awareness training

Our NeuroAware programme is focussed on positively increasing practical understanding of neurodiversity at work. Delivered remotely through social sessions and self-directed resources, the programme is designed in partnership with subject experts including Dr. Anne Cockayne, who recently completed a PHD on the experiences of people-managers working with autistic team members.

Modern management

Tools for leading teams in 2021

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First Time Leaders

Our purposeful, social and performance-enhancing 12 week accelerator provides recently promoted people managers with practical and immediately applicable skills.

Personal effectiveness

Don't call them soft skills, they're super-powers!

Creative Thinking

Opening up to new connections, and other ways of thinking


Building resilience and supporting transition

Building these skills in your teams

How we can immediately help

Live, virtual courses
Live, virtual courses

Interactive and immersive sessions, accessed in our open programme or delivered directly to teams anywhere. From 12 person virtual workshops to a 400 person 'all in'.

Scaleable resources
Scaleable resources

Bitesize and sticky eCourses and digital resources that fit with the flow of work, and people actually want to use. Behaviourally proven to reinforce and sustain knowledge transfer.

Train the trainer
Train the trainer

Enable people in your own team to deliver and replay our content, adapted and licensed to reflect your commercial challenges and cultural feel.