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“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”
Leo Tolstoy

Becoming Change-Agile

We’re often resistant to change, and the uncertainty that comes with it. We’ll reframe this thinking, embracing the concept of Change-Agility — realising we’ve more control than we think on the things that shift around us, and discovering practical tools for positive outlooks.

Exploring this topic with your team

Turn and face the strange, together

Live experiences

Energising, interactive and expert-led sessions, delivered virtually or IRL, will bring your team together to quickly, socially and practically build their skill and understanding around the topic.

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On-demand resources

Engaging and shareable resources; from bitesize, expert led video and animations to toolkits and recommended reading, help learners turn the theory in relation to their own challenges right away.

Key learning outcomes

• Recognise the personal agency we have for change.
• Understand the process of transition, and how to close one chapter ahead of the next.
• Recognise how existing strengths will enable us at times or change.
• Reframe adversities and limiting beliefs.
• Commit to a curiosity road-map

Embracing Change-Agility

Some starters for ten


What would David do?

In our live workshops on this topic, we bring to mind creative maestro David Bowie; as an example of someone making their Change-Agility expertly evident. Participants are challenged to think of someone in their own lives, whether in or outside of work, that they'd describe as demonstrating behaviours they associate with change-readiness. Perhaps that's a perpetually curious friend, or a colleague that regularly asks for feedback — or a manager that talks openly of set-backs and what they learned from them. Reflecting on the behaviours of those around us, and asking ourselves what we might similarly apply at times of change, is always time well spent.


Ignite your desire to learn, and futureproof your mind

When faced with 'new' and 'different', are we really open-minded – or wary and suspicious? So asks Change-Maker Tim Drake in his brilliant, punchy book DO Agile.Tim shows us that for the modern world of work, and life in general; we require a mindset that is open, alert, engaged and positive — and that cultivating curiosity will be key to setting ourselves up for success when it comes to managing change.

Change is on the cards
Change is on the cards

Our partners' teams can access live, virtual sessions on point to Change-Agility in our Open Programme throughout the year, discovering, trying and applying new skillsets among supportive groups of peers — as well as a wealth of practical on-demand resources to pique and cite their curiosity .