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Constructive conflict

In the collaborative and ever-shifting world of work, conflict is inevitable. And while it's not something we'd actively seek out, it is something that can lead to positive change and purposeful outcomes, when framed and approached in the right way.

Exploring this topic with your team

Exploring and reframing conflict together

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Energising, interactive and expert-led sessions (singular, or a series) will bring your team together to quickly, socially and practically build their skill and understanding around the topic.

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Engaging and shareable resources; from bitesize, expert led video and animations to toolkits and recommended reading, help learners turn the theory in relation to their own challenges right away.

Constructive conflict

Some starters for ten


Know, and tame, your inner chimp

According to psychiatrist Dr Steve Peters — when we're feeling aggrieved or slighted, the chances are it’s our 'inner chimp' that’s taken over; a separate primitive part of your brain, the Limbic area, which can often work in direct conflict with the more rational part. The result is overly emotional and unhelpfully irrational beliefs, unless we've tools for taming that chimp inside us all.


Think like a mediator

Mediators aim to resolve the seemingly intractable disputes in our personal and working lives, and there's much we can learn from them and apply to the frictions and fallings out that come our way. First they help us to separate needs, interests and positions; and then encourage both sides to see a 'third story' distinct from each that's being told.

Join mediator Sarah Banks, in a coming live workshop
Join mediator Sarah Banks, in a coming live workshop

Our partners' teams can access live, virtual sessions to build their skills around dealing with conflict, led by coach and mediator Sarah Banks (middle left) throughout the the year. The next session is coming up, and we'd love for you to join us.