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Difficult conversations

Difficult conversations are inevitable. But with the right mindset, talking tools and techniques to hand, these can become positive and transformative learning experiences; unlocking problems and enriching relationships in the process. Together we can reframe 'difficult conversations' as 'learning conversations' — understanding how to manage our feelings, shift our perspective and avoid the blame game entirely.

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Difficult conversations

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Disentangle intent from impact

In their brilliant book, Difficult Conversations — How to discuss what matters most, Harvard Negotiation Project fellows Sheila Heen and Douglas Stone explore some key conversational pitfalls when it comes to reaching a consensus. And it's often to do with our inability to separate what was intended to the impact we perceived.


Keeping calm and centred

“The more calm and centred you are, the better you are at handling difficult conversations,” advises Jean-Francois Manzoni, professor of human resources at INSEAD. He advises the regular practice of mindful breathing, which will help us to keep focusses and collected in the moment.

Enabling Even Better Conversations at Dr. Martens
Enabling Even Better Conversations at Dr. Martens

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