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“If we create networks with the sole intention of getting something, we won’t succeed."
Adam Grant — Give and Take

Natural Networking

Networking is often the last thing we want to do. It's often perceived as a daunting prospect or necessary evil in the modern, connected world of work.

Together, we'll explore how to reframe networking from a painful cliché, into a purposeful endeavour that enriches our community and wins us new work and collaborations. And work out what we can practically do right away to 'get better' at it.

Building networking skills among your team

Ways we can immediately help

Live experiences

Energising, interactive and expert-led sessions, delivered virtually or IRL, will bring your team together to quickly, socially and practically build their skill and understanding around the topic.

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On-demand resources

Engaging and shareable resources; from bitesize video to playlists and eCourses — helping learners put new discovering into practice around their individual challenges, wherever they're working from.

Key learning outcomes

• Defining our own purpose for networking
• Identifying the different kinds of 'connectors' in our own networks
• Linking networking to our natural strengths
• Simplifying our story using the 'Root, Stem, Branch' approach
• Realising the fundamental significance of reciprocity

Natural Networking

Some starters for ten


Networking for people who don't like networking

Before networking with someone, have you asked yourself, “What can I get from this individual?” Adam Grant is the youngest tenured and one of the most highly rated professors at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. Based on his research, which includes prosocial helping and giving behaviorus, he believes that approaching networking with the mindset of “what can I get?” is not an effective way to network.


Root > Stem > Branch

A pleasing, and practical three part tool for purposefully presenting ourselves to others. The beauty of the Root, Stem, Branch framework is in how it enables us to get ourselves across in way that reveals our story memorably and with relevance.

Change is on the cards
Change is on the cards

Our partners' teams can access live, virtual sessions on point to Change-Agility in our Open Programme throughout the year, discovering, trying and applying new skillsets among supportive groups of peers — as well as a wealth of practical on-demand resources to pique and cite their curiosity .