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Owning Feedback

Feedback is the ultimate learning tool. And so to thrive in the ever-changing, modern world of work we must continually improve our ability to give and receive it. When we ask for it well, and appreciate the importance of smartly working with whatever we receive back, we inspire others to do the same — leading to cultures of continual learning.

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Building cultures of feedback together

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Live, virtual courses

Energising, interactive and expert-led sessions (singular, or a series) will bring your team together to quickly, socially and practically build their skill and understanding around the topic.

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Engaging and shareable resources; from bitesize, expert led video and animations to toolkits and recommended reading, help learners turn the theory in relation to their own challenges right away.

Owning Feedback

Some starters for ten


"I noticed..."

Two simple words, but so impactful when beginning a feedback conversation that you want to make someone to take seriously with genuine behaviour change in mind. When we root our feedback in non-judgemental observation, ("I noticed, in the team meeting on Wednesday you interrupted Emily more than once, particularly when was summing up at the end"), we set up a the conversation for success, and open a conversation with candour.


Know your three triggers

In her brilliant book, co-written with Douglas Stone, Thanks for the Feedback; Harvard Negotiation Project fellow Sheila Heen introduces us to our three triggers — Truth, Relationship and Identity — arguing that when activated by poorly given feedback they stop us from processing valuable learning. The secret, she suggests, is 'separating the data from the interpretation'.

Join coach Katy Kent, for a feedback focussed session
Join coach Katy Kent, for a feedback focussed session

Our partners' teams can access live, virtual sessions to build their skills in giving and receiving feedback. Led by coach and facilitator Katy Kent (middle right), the next session takes place on the 26th of January, and we'd love for you to join us.