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Perspectives on Privilege

The concept of privilege relates to benefits experienced by people because they fit into a specific social group or have particular aspects to their identity. We can experience privilege because of our race, gender, religion or sexual orientation as well as many other characteristics — and equally we can experience a lack of it too.

Privilege can be difficult to admit experiencing, and in this session we create a safe space to explore it, understand our own privilege, how to use it for good and give a voice to others through positive allyship.

Exploring this topic with your team

Harnessing individual benefit, purposefully for others

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Key concepts covered

• The principles of privilege
• How to recognise your privilege
• Using your privilege to help others
• Equity Vs Equality
• Practical steps towards effective allyship

Inclusive conversations
Inclusive conversations

We're partnering with Equity, Inclusion & Diversity Consultant Sereena Abbassi, to facilitate a series of conversations among our partners' teams around timely and pertinent themes. Coming up in May, our focus falls on the relationship between micro-aggressions, calling-out and calling-in.

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