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Gaining Gravitas

Gravitas, a sense of 'weight or authority', is often thought as a natural ability, something you've either got or you haven't. There are simple and effective ways to boost our sense of authority, presence and gravitas at work. And by doing so we'll enjoy more confidence and impact, virtually and in-person.

Exploring this topic with your team

Timely approaches for building gravitas

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Live, virtual courses

Energising, interactive and expert-led sessions (singular, or a series) will bring your team together to quickly, socially and practically build their skill and understanding around the topic.

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Really helpful resources

Engaging and shareable resources; from bitesize, expert led video and animations to toolkits and recommended reading helps learners take away what's new and put it into practice right away.

Confidence, presence and gravitas

Our take on the topic

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Catherine Allison on gaining gravitas

Catherine is a YCN associate trainer, actress and founder of communications consultancy Master the Art. She helps people build presence and gravitas from any starting position, through practical approaches that can be quickly applied. In this bitesize video she shares some tools and techniques to try and apply. And on the 28th January she'll be leading us through them live.

Catherine Allison on gaining gravitas, filmed at YCN


The secret to speaking with confidence

Drawing on the thinking from her best-selling book, Gravitas, Caroline Goyder's 2014 TED Talk shares a fascinating, and encouraging take on what it means to speak with confidence. It's since been viewed by over 8 million learners.

Building graduates' gravitas at The Daily Telegraph
Building graduates' gravitas at The Daily Telegraph

We supported the learning and development team at the media group, as part of their 'Academy' programme, with a series of sessions designed to supersize the soft skills of apprentices new into the business. Building presence, confidence and the mindset of 'network builder' was key.