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“When ideas are communicated effectively, people follow and change.”
Nancy Duarte

Purposeful Presenting

Most of us don't look forward to speaking publicly. But we're often called on to do so — formally and informally, to big groups or small ones, on screens and in rooms; often aiming to get people on board to our point of view. And we all instinctively know a good public speaker when we see one — they make it look easy, and seem so natural doing it. But if we want to get better, where do we begin?

Ultimately it's all about 'being ourselves with skill', and consciously approaching any kind of presentation well prepared, with practical frameworks in mind, smart tools to hand and a willingness to adapt to what comes from our audience. Because as the old saying goes ‘no plan survives contact with the enemy’. Through live workshops and self-directed resources, we’ll try out lots of proven approaches to making a difference to the impression we make, and how successfully our ideas live on in the minds of others.

Presenting excellence among your team

Ways we can immediately help

Live workshops

Energising, interactive and expert-led experiences, delivered virtually or IRL, will bring your team together to quickly, enjoyably and practically build their skill and understanding around the topic.

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On-demand resources

Engaging and shareable resources; from short eCourses to direct doses of micro-learning, help your learners put new skills and discoveries into immediate practice — measuring their impact against the challenges of the day.

Core content covered

• Story structures, and the power of tension
• Tools for impact, virtually and in-person
• Signposting and expectation setting
• Beginning and ending well
• Enticing and managing questions
• Knowing your audience (because they're the hero)

Workshop snapshots

Root > Stem > Branch
Root > Stem > Branch

The Root, Stem, Branch tool provides a simple, satisfying and sequential framework with which to present our story. Each stage naturally builds on the previous one, adding more detail, and enabling us to adapt and tailor our story to whoever we're presenting it to. And it adheres to the magical rule of threes too. Try it out.

Learning outcomes

• Knowledge of two key presentation frameworks (Root > Stem > Branch + FISH) and confidence to apply them in relation to a real scenario.
• Awareness of current strengths, and how to authentically lean into them when presenting.
• Body language awareness.
• How to ask specific ‘calibrated’ questions to stimulate engagement.
• A different perspective on audience centricity.

Really handy resources
Really handy resources

Bitesize, brain friendly and behaviourally smart resources enable your teams to tour these topics in their own time — either as standalone, self-directed learning or as a complement to their live workshop experiences. Doses of micro-learning, 15 minute eCourses, session slides and discussion guides meet people where they are; making it easy for them to revisit, share in teams and put new approaches into purposeful practice.

Want to sample some micro-learning?

Louise created a brilliant energy, made everyone feel comfortable and then gently pushed us out of our comfort zones!

Workshop participant, DICE