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Vocal Confidence

We can all benefit from a stronger and more confident voice, and there are accessible and actionable methods of developing one. By enhancing our vocal confidence we experience better projection, less tension and feel more capable and confident when speaking in different contexts day-to-day. This is important in relation to our impact and effectiveness, and our ability to purposefully and positively influence those around us.

"The fastest way to change the feedback culture in an organisation is for the leaders to become better receivers."

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Building cultures of feedback

In a culture of learning, feedback is a must-have — the ultimate learning tool. It's something we must continually improve our ability to share and to absorb at all times. As well as landing it clearly with those around us; we've got to regularly pull it in, rather than waiting for it to be pushed our way. And this is especially important for those in management and leadership positions, who must model ways of continually asking for feedback from those around them.

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Challenge directly, share empathetically

The more we ask for feedback from those around us, the more this behaviour will be mirrored by our teams – creating true learning cultures where people are comfortable, collaborative and in control of their communication around performance and behaviour.

Building and sustaining this skill

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Live, social sessions

Interactive and socially driven sessions, in our weekly open programme or delivered directly to teams anywhere and adapted to reflect their cultural contexts. From 12 person workshops to a 400 person 'all hands'.

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eCourses and digital resources

Scalable, sticky and social driven resources that fit with the flow of work and people actually want to use. Scientifically proven to reinforce and sustain knowledge transfer.

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Train up trainers in your teams

Put your team members through our accredited coach-facilitator programme, and enable them to deliver this topic and more throughout your teams.