It can be uncomfortable to acknowledge, but within any mind, team or organisation — there is unconscious bias.

Such bias can affect language, behaviours, relationships and the ways we make decisions. And it can also affect the ways our cultures are perceived, internally and externally; or that we fail to make the most of the talent available to us. Understanding objectively what unconscious bias is, putting language around it — and creating awareness around the ways it can show up are important things for modern teams to do. And that’s the purpose of this session.

We’ll create an open and positive environment for exploration — the outcome being more self-aware and productive working cultures through enriched understanding, and tools, techniques and mindsets that we can individually make use of.

We'll focus on:

• Defining unconscious bias, and creating a common language around it

• Techniques for recognising biases

• Conscious and unconscious mindsets

• How unconscious bias shows up

• Understanding intersectionality

• Closing the gap between intention and action

• Discussing unconscious bias among our teams

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