By overlooking the power of habits in working towards our goals, we set ourselves up to fail. When we embrace habits, we change our brains and our behaviours for the better.

"Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not" — Octavia Butler

If we want to change something, or achieve something new — whether reading more books, or running a marathon; we're better off spending time forming good habits, as opposed to setting and focussing on a defined goal. Habits will help us reach our goals; they're automatic and don't rely on extrinsic motivation.

By understanding habits, and the small ways we can introduce more of them into our lives, we can make a big impact on the results we're after.

What we'll cover:

• Why goals are often flawed
• Goals Vs Habits
• The magic of marginal gains
• Tracking habits to make them stick
• 'Habit stacking', and linking what's new to what's familiar
• How to begin, and a commitment to now

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