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22nd January 2017 — What's new
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Member Events

From breakfast roundtables to retail forums — our Autumnal events programme is looking rich and varied.


Member Mentoring

We're piloting a new Mentoring programme to connect like-minds for development and knowledge sharing.

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  • Jan 12th 2017

    Fitter firms

    Ahead of our Wellness in the Workplace event, Members can see our roundup of company cultures where health is high-priority.
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  • Jan 10th 2017

    New homes

    Commissioned to decorate Primark's first Amsterdam store, Member illustrator Daniel Clarke has created large-scale designs of the city’s iconic canal houses.
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  • Jan 9th 2017

    Sustainable style

    Member Charlotte Trounce has created a series of illustrations to accompany a new book on dressing ethically by Redress, which will soon be available in the lending library.
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