ADHD, work and leading teams — a first person perspective

Digital product studio ustwo founder Matt Miller — aka Mills — describes his experience of ADHD, what it's meant for his working relationships and the transformative power of neurodiversity.



Mills didn’t know he had ADHD until he turned 42 (even though he suspects most people in the company knew before him). If even people with ADHD are unaware of it, what does that say about our understanding of the spectrum of human behaviour?


Mills sees his ADHD as his superpower. He has been able to achieve hugely creatively inspiring things because of it – not in spite of it. However, he stresses the importance of creating a framework around people with ADHD to fill in the gaps and provide balance.


Embracing neurodiversity is a huge opportunity for business because it brings true diversity of thoughts into teams. Mills describes his ADHD as a ‘value add’ that allows him to take risks, shows a different way of doing things and hypes up a team.

Want more? Read Mills’ Medium post, which he wrote one weird week after his diagnosis.

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